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GigaDB contains 392 discoverable, trackable, and citable datasets that have been assigned DOIs and are available for public download and use.

Datasets and tools

New dataset added on 2017-11-16: 10.5524/100377 Supporting data for "BS-virus-finder: virus integration calling using bisulfite-sequencing data"
New dataset added on 2017-11-14: 10.5524/100378 Supporting data for "circlncRNAnet: An integrated web-based resource for mapping functional networks of long or circular forms of non-coding RNAs"
New dataset added on 2017-11-13: 10.5524/100374 Supporting data for "Improving amphibian genomic resources: a multi-tissue reference transcriptome of an iconic invader"
New dataset added on 2017-11-13: 10.5524/100376 Supporting data for "Long-read sequence assembly of the firefly Pyrocoelia pectoralis genome"
New dataset added on 2017-11-09: 10.5524/100353 Supporting data for "Large scale phylogenomic analysis resolves a backbone phylogeny in ferns"
New dataset added on 2017-11-08: 10.5524/100375 Supporting data for "funRiceGenes dataset for comprehensive understanding and application of rice functional genes"
New dataset added on 2017-11-07: 10.5524/100362 Supporting data for "Full Genome Survey and Dynamics of Gene Expression in the Greater Amberjack, Seriola dumerili"
New dataset added on 2017-11-07: 10.5524/100371 Supporting data for "Conventional and hyperspectral time-series imaging of maize lines widely used in field trials"
New dataset added on 2017-11-03: 10.5524/100363 Supporting data for "Filling reference gaps via assembling DNA barcodes using high-throughput sequencing - moving toward barcoding the world"
New dataset added on 2017-11-03: 10.5524/100369 Supporting data for "ProphTools: General Prioritization Tools for Heterogeneous Biological Networks"